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We promote healthy skin by understanding your lifestyle, habits and diet.

We sequence our facials in such a manner to awaken your skin’s healing potential as well as eliminate possible topical factors contributing to your condition. Our work will relax, detoxify and soothe your skin while simultaneously hydrating and improving blood and lymph circulation. Seaweed, herbs and essential oils from plants are effectively used to promote the health and beauty of your skin.

Signature Facials

Signature Restorative Facial $135

Your skin will receive thorough restoration during this popular facial; your mind will have the opportunity to escape as well. This facial is an amazing blend of cleansing and exfoliation with a deep pore treatment for the perfect complexion and our signature massage techniques to leave you in complete relaxation.
70 Min.

“Off-the-Menu” Facial $110

Although all our facials are customized for your specific skin type, this facial enables our specialist to select different enhancements according to your skin care needs. Whether your skin concern is Acne, Aging, Rosacea, or something else, our facial specialist will provide a completely personalized set of enhancements perfect for YOUR skin.
60 Min.

Cure Luxuria Facial $160

In this luxury facial, not only is your skin restored to optimum health, your mind is restored as well. We take the Signature Restorative Facial to new heights with the addition of our Moroccan Foot Wash. Feel like royalty as we enhance the health of your skin and mind.
90 Min

Bougette Facial $92

Created with your “budget” in mind, you will receive the perfect combination of techniques and skin care products to get the results you desire. Similar to our Restorative, but created for the budget conscious guest. Great for all skin types and general relaxation.
50 min


These treatments are best when combined and performed in a series of at least six to eight. Each combination will be customized for your particular needs and discounted according to number of treatments combined and duration of series. Of course, your results will be commensurate with the number of treatments received. Frequency of treatments will depend on the personalized program chosen for you.
Oxygen Infusion Treatments $195

The Oxygen Infusion facial delivers powerful vitamins, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acids into your skin, instantly smoothing the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles caused by facial muscle contractions around the forehead, eye, nasal folds, and lip areas. Your skin will look and feel years younger, visibly lifted, toned and hydrated.
60 Min.

Micro-Current Anti-Aging $140

The micro-current works on the re-education of the muscles and the increase of collagen and elastin fibers. We can focus on lengthening muscles that have contracted over the years and shortening muscles that have become elongated due to age and gravity by stimulating 32 of the facial muscles with tiny amounts of electricity.
60 Min

LED Light Therapy $65

Your skin, along with other body tissues, has an ability to absorb light and use it as a source of energy to stimulate cellular regeneration. We stimulate cellular renewal by stimulating ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which fuels the cell’s activities. It basically gives the cells the needed energy to do their job…in some cases up to ten times more ATP, but usually two to four times. This fuels cellular activity which causes more of the needed collagen and elastin to be produced as well as other important nutrients for the skin.
30 min

Skin Resurfacing: Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels $135

Exfoliation is the ultimate in allowing for fresh, radiant skin. Products are not wasted on the upper dead skin cells, but penetrate to nourish the emerging new skin cells which will keep the skin youthful for many more years. You may choose this service as a standalone or as an "enhancement" to any facial.

         Microdermabrasion or Chemical Peel Enhancement with any Facial $70


Oxygen Infusion Eyelift $30

With a combination of powerful vitamins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acids, the infusion instantly lifts your eyes. Great introduction to our full Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial.

Aroma Peel $30

Our Aroma Peel enhancement is a safe natural alternative to aggressive acids. The pure essential oil blend stimulates new cell growth, and gently exfoliates dead cells. Perfect for acneic skin.

Morracan Foot Washing $35

Uses essential oils to cleanse and revitalize feet. Our ritual is one of a kind.

Cooling Poultice $25

Let our professionals customize the right revitalizing mask for you. Choose between Seaweed & Algae, Brightening Vitamin C, Chamomile Rosacea, or Exfoliating Papaya.

Microdermabrasion or Chemical Peel $70

Deeply exfoliates the upper layer of skin by using micro-crystals.